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We have introduced a unique Bio-Technology called” Bijson Acidification & methanation process” (BAMP) to manage organic food waste in scientific way. BAMP is based on a series of natural bio-chemical reactions which goes on, in the BioCNG Plant. Inside the plant, good bacteria break down the organic materials in the absence of air to produce cooking gas & organic manure.

The main feedstocks for these BioCNG Plants are leftover cooked food, fruit & vegetable peels, or any other organic waste generated in the kitchen. Waste water like water used for cleaning vegetables/fruits etc, waste water from an RO plant and liquid waste like rice starch etc can also be used as a feedstock.

To run the BioCNG Plant, no external electricity or power is required, nor any extra bacteria culture or enzyme required on a daily basis. At the time of installation, our technician charges the BioCNG plant with necessary bacteria culture which will on regular feeding multiply themselves, thus making the entire process self sustainable.


1. Hygienic & scientific disposal of organic waste.

2. Produces “cooking gas” & organic manure as output.

3. Pre-fabricated: easy to install.

4. Plug & play –Ready to use.

5. Minimum space & time required for installation.

6. No external energy & chemical required to run the plant.

7. No running cost & very low maintenance cost.

8. No bad odour or stinky feeling.

9. Eco- friendly & self-sustainable process.

10. No dedicated or trained labour required.

11. Storage of gas is possible & can be used when needed.

12. Long life of approx 10-15 years.

13. Available in different sizes.

14. Totally natural process.

15. Helps society to reduce carbon foot print.

16. Generates wealth from waste.

17. Can be re-located if needed.

18. Helps in reducing pollution & global warming.

19. No risk of fire explosion.

Size Charts

S.No. BioGas Plant Size Treatable Waste Gas availability in Cooking Hours Suitable for Family of Members
Solid(Max.) Liquid(Max.)
1.0.50m32-3 Kg.8-10 ltr.30 min.1-4
2.1.00m34-5 Kg.20-25 lts.1:30 Hrs.4-7
3.2.0m310-12Kg.40-50 lts.3:00 Hrs.10-15
4.4.0m320-25 Kg.80-100 lts.5:00 Hrs.25-50